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How to Optimize Cost Through the Design?

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How to Optimize Cost Through the Design?

Zoning and Clustering: The development of the campus is most likely done in a phased manner. The key is in the management of the design such that at any stage the campus looks complete and presentable. The location of the Admin complex along with the common built infrastructure is the key. This should be located as close to the entrance as possible. Parking, auditoriums, manufacturing support, office buildings, auction halls, can all be part of this cluster. The housing for workers and staff can be planned in the smaller plots on the site. Adequate green areas can be planned as part of the campus all across, rather than one large green plot in the key area.

Truck holding areas should be planned near the entrance as well as inside the campus for maximum efficiency. Material selection, like that of the roads, or pavers can also have huge cost impacts that need to be assessed beforehand.

Services and Infrastructure:

Boundary wall: This is one of the easiest to ignore the detail of the built components, which can help save cost by selecting of right material and detail. Cast in situ materials would be preferred for smaller campuses, while assembled precast blocks would enable quick and cost-effective implementation for large campuses.

The electrical substation needs to be located near the incoming high-tension line and should enable easy distribution to the plots for optimum electrical efficiency. The fire safety lines should be of optimized length.  Site slope is the key to stormwater planning. Similarly, the location of rainwater harvesting and wastewater treatment should be in sync with the topography of the site for maximum efficiency.


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