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How can I optimize the operational costs of my property?


How can I optimize the operational costs of my property?

Whatever the budget might be for the project, there is always a possibility of cutting down the operational cost of the building. Two of the most efficient ways are:-

Managing Waste

Water discharged from the stormwater, discharge from laundry, kitchen, bathrooms, and other utility spaces should be recycled for a facility like a hotel. Instead of letting all the water go down the municipal drain, it can be recycled and used for flushing purposes in WC or for watering the landscaped area.

Hotel and resort facilities usually have large landscaped spaces for which freshwater can be spared from getting wasted and rather be saved for future use or other purposes. For example, owners can opt for plumbing fixtures that take up more water than usual fixtures to give a luxurious experience to the guests because anyway that water isn’t getting wasted and enhances the guest experience.

Optimizing energy consumption

The introduction of energy-efficient practices allows enriched guest comfort, increased hotel aesthetic value, reduced maintenance system failures, and so forth. There are many ways the operational cost of energy consumption can be reduced such as the use of solar power. The hotels have their rooftops saved for different services-related equipment to be installed. But if space management is done to install solar panels as well then it can yield profits in the long run. 

LED fixtures can be a great way of optimizing energy consumption. These have proven to save a lot of running costs as well as replacement costs. The life of an LED bulb is much longer than the an incandescent bulb. 

Then comes the third one: Solar water heaters. They can be installed to save a good amount of energy. Moreover, other than technological interventions, building block placement, green cover, and the use of glazing in the wrong direction also determines the energy consumption as it might put a huge load on the HVAC system to maintain the temperatures. 



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